Friday, September 20, 2013

Starbucks Tries to Thread the Needle, Fails

I was not surprised by the position taken by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.  He has been getting some heat from the statist anti-freedom crowd, and those are the people that he hangs with.   He has always been an Obama supporter and so his propensity, like most of those on the left, is to put the "progressive" agenda before profits.

Up until now, he did the smart business move, he stayed neutral.  He simply followed the law of the state his business was in.   Second amendment supporters let their support be known.    As second amendment supporters outnumber those who wish to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms by about five to one, he wisely chose not side with his statist buddies.

In the end, political correctness won over profits.  Howard Schults tried to thread the needle, with results that will lose him money.   What he did not count on was the extremely high level of respect and responsibility for the rights of others that exists in the gun culture.

Those in the gun culture will not go where they are not wanted.  There are many other suppliers in the marketplace.  I only went to Starbucks because they showed that even a leftist organization can bend to market demand.  No more.  Howard has said, in effect, I want your money, but only if you are willing to give up your principles and rights.

No sale, Howard.  I respected you as a capitalist.  As a political activist, you are a disaster.

Among statists, breaking rules, ignoring the Constitution, and others rights may be common and accepted.  If a right does not fit the agenda, just declare something else a right (like the absurd "right not to be offended") and stomp all over guaranteed rights. 

That is not the way that those in the gun culture play.

You have your right to do stupid things.  We have the right not to play your stupid games.

There are nervous nellies that only want to support the second amendment when it is convenient.  They make statements saying, essentially - see - don't exercise your rights, it only makes them mad!

To you nervous nellies.  You are wrong.  Howard knows that he risks alienating a significant chunk of his clientele.  That is why he tried to thread the needle.  He just does not know the second amendment crowd, which is why he will lose.

Here is a real situation where a confrontation occurred in Starbucks over open carry and a young mother.   See who won.

Link to confrontation in a Starbucks article

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