Monday, September 09, 2013

MO:Risk of Armed Confrontation ends Home Invasion

An interesting twist on a common occurrence.   The presence of a gun often defuses the situation, because people do not want to get shot.  Some small par t of the time, both the armed resident and the intruders leave.  This can be prudent if the resident is not sure if there might be more intruders.  It is best to let well trained, armored police and their trained police dogs search for hidden intruders.

The resident told deputies he was in a back bedroom when he heard them come in, and he armed himself with a handgun and went to investigate, Smith said. The resident saw a black man wearing dark clothing and a ski mask going upstairs in his apartment.

When the intruder saw the resident, he and the other man went into an upstairs room and left the apartment through a window onto the roof. The intruders fled in an unknown direction.

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