Saturday, September 07, 2013

LA:Hotel Patron Stops Drunken Intruder with Gunshot

From New  Orleans, a classic case of how becoming stupid drunk can cause you and other people  a world of trouble.  If you are so drunk as to not know where you are, you put your life at risk when you attempt to force your way into a place, and threaten a resident while doing so.  From

The guest confronted Dousay and told him he had the wrong room, the report said. 

But when the victim entered the room, Dousay threw his leg into the doorway and tried to force his way in, McGregor said. The victim yelled, "stop" several times. 


The victim then shot Dousay in the left thigh, McGregor said.
Being drunk is not an excuse.  You are as responsible for your actions when drunk as you are when sober.  You have just removed your inhibitions, and have to live, (and some times die) with the consequences.

Mr. Dousay played a stupid game, and he won a stupid prize. 

It is worth noting that the reporter named the right person, the hotel patron who had to shoot Mr. Dousay, as the victim.  While it does not appear that the victim will have any legal costs, much time and energy was expended to deal with the episode, and he will likely spend considerable time wondering if he could have done something different in the future.  

Mr. Dousay appears to be a large, healthy, 38 year old.  The victim,  a 62-year-old man,  was justified in using deadly force to prevent the intruder, who threatened him, from forcing his way into the victim's room. 

"I'm going to bust you up," Dousay told the victim

Mr. Dousay is lucky.  He did not die.  He was treated and released.  He has been charged with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.

Dean Weingarten

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