Monday, September 16, 2013

NC:School Board Decides to Obey Gun Law, Under Threat of Lawsuit

What does the school board find so threatening about legally allowing those who have not been convicted of any crime, to have firearms in locked cases in locked cars on public property?    From
The new law, which allows concealed-carry permit holders to keep guns locked in cases in locked cars on school campuses, starts Oct. 1
The school board ordered their attorney to draft a rule to ban people with concealed carry permits form keeping firearms in locked cases in their locked car on the school campus (which is public property).   Earlier, a state law was passed that allowed people with concealed carry permits to do so.   The Board only backed off after being threatened with a lawsuit:

The policy, suggested at the Board of Education’s last meeting, would run counter to a new state law that allows some people to have guns on campuses.
Raleigh-based Grass Roots North Carolina told the school board chairman it would sue on Aug. 28. The powerful gun rights group, with 17,000 members, is trolling the rest of the state for signs that other school systems are not following the law to the T.

The school system’s attorney said Friday that board of education members have been “inundated” with letters over the issue.
 It is hard to see how the anti-second amendment types have any credibility after such silly posturing.  People with CCW permits are already some of the most law abiding groups in the country.  They appear to break less laws than police officers.   Yet, the mere thought of these extremely law abiding people being allowed to have their gun in a locked case in a locked car on public property. causes this sort of irrational response.

I believe that the Board of Education is lucky to have competent counsel, as the Board itself seems to have little regard for the rule of law.

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