Saturday, September 14, 2013

TX:Fort Hood issues new policy after soldiers protest for open carry rights

Open carry rally in Texas

After several confrontations between soldiers and civilian police, Fort hood has created a new policy.

In an email outlining the policy, Fort Hood says, "There is a growing trend of soldiers assigned to fort hood openly carrying firearms in private business establishments."

When approached by police, they say soldiers have been refusing to cooperate with civilian police officers who try to assess if the guns are a threat to the public.


This new policy intends to clear things up without overruling state law. Fort Hood Major General Anthony Ierardi is now requiring all military personnel to show proper identification at officer's requests.

The policy reads, "Soldiers are prohibited from refusing to present a driver's license or military identification card to any law enforcement in the exercise of his or her official duties, upon request by the law enforcement officer."

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Wireless.Phil said...

Doesn't the Major Generals ruling violate their constitutional rights?

Dean Weingarten said...

When you join the military, you agree to give up some of your rights in order to serve in the military.

Soldiers do not have all the rights of citizens while serving.

For example, you do *not* have freedom of speech while in the military. You are *not* allowed to criticize the commander in chief (president) in public.