Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Iowa Sheriff: Blind People Can Use Guns Safely

A thoughtful response from a sheriff.  Anyone who considers the situation for more than a few seconds, can see how there are situations in which a blind person could effectively use a firearm to defend themselves. 

“I see no way a visually impaired person can operate a motor vehicle safely,” Wethington said. “But a firearm can be drawn and discharged, and truthfully it’s safer that way than a sighted person shooting five or 10 yards away. Because there is a possibility they could miss. If you have someone on top of you, and you rotate the weapon into them and make a contact shot, you’re not going to miss.”

Wethington says sighted people are often in situations in which their vision is impaired, for example at nighttime, yet they are allowed to carry a gun.

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