Sunday, April 20, 2014

Canada:Five Killed in Mass Knifing

One attacker, one knife, worse death total than many mass gun attacks.

From AP

CALGARY, Alberta — The son of a Calgary police officer was charged in the fatal stabbing of five people at a house party that the law enforcement officials called the worst mass slaying in the western Canadian city's history.

Matthew Douglas de Grood, a recent graduate of the University of Calgary, picked up a large knife shortly after arriving at the party and stabbed the victims one by one shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday, said police Chief Rick Hanson.

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Matthew Douglas de Grood, the son of a veteran police officer, has been charged with five counts of murder following the killings in Calgary.

Police Chief Rick Hanson said: "We have never seen five people killed at one scene. The scene was horrific."

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From the CBC:

De Grood, who attended the University of Calgary, was planning to attend law school.

He was also tagged in a Facebook post that said he graduated with a bachelor of science (major in psychology/minor in law and society) with distinction in June 2013.

De Grood was currently working at a grocery store not far from where the killings took place this morning.

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Wireless.Phil said...

It seams a bit strange that there have been a lot of stabbings in the news lately.
We just had one last night at a bar or club just outside Cleveland, in Lakewood

Wireless.Phil said...

Next there will be a knife ban at this rate.

Huntington, W Va stabing