Friday, April 11, 2014

KS:Gun Reform Goes to Governor Brownback

The Kansas legislature has passed the current gun law reform bill by overwhelming margins and sent it to Governor Brownback for signature or veto.    The bill, HB2578/SB447, strengthens state preemption language that limits the power of local governments to chill the exercise of second amendment rights.

It requires adequate signage to prohibit the open carry of firearms by premises that choose to do so.   There is no penalty for open carrying in such premises unless the open carrier refuses to leave when asked to do so.

Guns that are forfeited to law enforcement agencies are mostly prohibited from being destroyed, unless used in a homicide. Local governments are not allowed to spend money on gun "buyback" programs

Local governments are given immunity from lawsuit for employees that commit a wrongful act with a firearm, and are not allowed to ask if employees have a concealed carry license as a condition of employment.   Local governments are allowed limit employees from possessing weapons while working.

Firearms may not be carried while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.   There are exceptions for private property and unloaded firearms.  The blood alcohol standards that apply to impaired driving are applied to the carry of loaded weapons. 

A broad knife pre-emption is part of this package, part of a trend that recognizes that knives are arms protected by the second amendment.

Kansas has restored significant portions of second amendment rights in recent years.   It seems likely that Governor Brownback will sign this legislation.    He signed firearms reform legislation a year ago on April 16th.  This law builds on that reform.

The final vote was 102-19.

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