Saturday, April 26, 2014

VT: Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction

In an unusual move, the Vermont Supreme Court today overturned the murder conviction of a Windsor County man who has spent three years in prison for a shooting he has long claimed was self-defense.

In a 5-0 opinion, justices ruled that a trial judge improperly excluded key evidence that could have bolstered Kyle Bolaski's claim of self-defense in the 2008 shooting of Vincent Tamburello, who had charged at a group of Bolaski's friends with a small axe. Additionally, the court said the judge gave improper instructions to jurors that made the murder conviction more likely.

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Scott Huminski said...


Lavoie, the crooked prosecutor in the case evaded service concerning my motion to intervene in the district court.

Zimmerman who i successfully sued in federal court for civil rights charges ruled on my motion to intervene in the district court with a conflict of interest.

Zimmerman is now retired --Justice has prevailed.

I would be very surprised if Lavoie stays on, If he does I will file to intervene again based upon his wholesale violations of attorney ethical precepts. THis Lavoie character must be stopped.

I have no opinion about guilt or innocence, I only can swear to the fact that Lavoie engages in prosecutorial misconduct and any case he is involved in violates Due Process.