Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Popular Mechanics Scores with 3D Gun Article

The Popular Mechanics article shows that it understands technology much better than the New York Times or the Washington Post.  This isn't too surprising, given the politics of the the two prominent newspapers, but it was not always so.

The  Article sums it up nicely:
So, should we be afraid to live in a world where anyone can afford the equipment to manufacture a gun in his or her basement? I hope not—because that's the world we live in now. Guns are comparatively simple devices. In fact, plenty of custom firearms are manufactured today using equipment that wouldn't be out of place in a basement.
The utility of 3D printed guns is not so much that they make the technology of firearms available to everyman; that has been the case for centuries.  The utility is that it demonstrates that fact in a way that resonates with those in the "progressive elite", especially in the old media, that they were blind to otherwise.

They may never have operated a drill press; they may never have filed a  washer to make a shim of the right thickness; they may never have ground a screwdriver blade to the proper size and shape for the task at hand.   But, they have operated a printer!

So when someone talks about 3D printed guns, it is a revelation, a "road to Damascus" moment.  They understand that it would be possible for them, and almost anyone, to set up the machine and hit the "print" button.

They ignored the Pakistan shops in Darra Adam Khel.    They ignored the thriving underground Philippine gun industry, the percentage of homemade guns in the District of Columbia, and the Brazilian workshop submachine guns.  Yet they find the 3D printed single shot pistol compelling.

This is a good thing, because it brings them a bit closer to understanding the reality beyond their "progressive" theories.    Some "progressives" are known to mature out of "progressivism".    The more that do, the more we have a chance to escape the devastating consequences of willfully ignorant policy makers. 

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Unknown said...

". . .Some "progressives" are known to mature out of "progressivism". ".
The only way for a Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us to escape his political correct cage is for him/her or a close relative/friend to be the victim of a street mugging, a rape, and/or, an early-morning home invasion incident.
Sadly, even this "cure" is not 100% effective. However, with their blind followers, the Sheeple-People, the "cure" is much closer to 100% as they are usually able to see more clearly when their eyes have been opened when a violent act is perpetrated upon them or theirs'.


Anonymous said...

Love it.