Friday, April 04, 2014

Guamanians discuss right to carry concealed weapons

Guam - The right to bear arms may be spelled out in the U.S. Constitution, but the right to carry a concealed weapon may not be as clear.

Residents weigh in on legislation that makes concealed firearms licenses more accessible to the island's general public.

For Stanley Wilson, a member of the Guam Sports Shooting Federation, the National Rifle Association and the Guam Gun Owner's Club, local laws relative to carrying a concealed weapon just aren't cutting it.

"First it places the decision in the hands of a single person who has the possibility to issue permits to individuals who may not have sufficient training. Or may have enough political influence to have the chief of police, who is a political appointee, to issue permits simply because of their political power," he said. "It kind of puts the chief in a bad position - the current system. It's his decision and he has poor guidelines now."

Bill 296 would change language for concealed firearms licensing from "may" to shall." That means concealed firearm licenses shall be issued to an applicant who meets the various specifications. Currently the Guam Police Department chief of police approves or denies an application for such a license and only those who have a good enough reason to own a concealed firearms license may be permitted.

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Greg said...

The decision about whether or not an individual is granted a concealed firearms license should not be a personal or political one. Either a person has met the criteria or not.