Monday, April 28, 2014

UK Guardian: Following the law to "circumvent restrictions" on Gun Ownership

The Guardian, a far left British paper, has written an article entitled: NRA lecture details ways to circumvent restrictions on buying guns.   After that bit of hyperbole, admittedly not uncommon for headlines, the writer starts to explain what the lecture was about.

 It was about how to legally protect and restore the rights to own and use firearms.   The lecturer took care to be relatively mild in his approach.  From the Guardian:
Ciyou took care to stress that those convicted of the most serious felonies and those with the most dangerous mental health problems should not be allowed to access firearms. However, he dismissed Obama's proposals as “emotionally-driven”, and called the president's focus since Sandy Hook on the threat posed to children by guns a “red herring”.
From the comments, as might be expected in a left wing european paper, apparantly the more people that are forbidden from owning guns, the better, and once forbidden, forever forbidden.   Here is one of the comments on the nastier side, from Wonkothesane76:
When the gun debate comes to these pages, the pro-gun lot always try to tell us that its a problem with the mentally ill, or criminals having the hell does that defence work now??

Please let the next, inevitable massacre involve members of the NRA and their loved ones. Let them reap what they sow.
Here is another, from Nelson Ricardo:
 The NRA are utter disgusting filth. One can only hope they all end up shooting themselves accidentally with their own firearms.
 But as has been noted numerous times, second amendment supporters, with the Internet, are now well represented in the comments.   From Rattel:
So to sum the article up, Obama has caused gun laws to tighten up and basically prevent more people from possessing guns. The NRA is resisting this and has held a seminar exploring entirely legal ways of resisting the government's erosion of a constitutional right.
 Reading the comments is educational, in the sense that it gives one insight into the world view of far leftists, where governments do no wrong (unless they are not leftist) and the NRA is an malicious organization bent on evil...

My colleague, John Jay Ray, studied the motivations of political leftists.   He found thast their world view is based on strong, negative, emotions; anger, rage, and hate.

It would be comical if so many of our countrymen did not have the same twisted view of reality.

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