Sunday, April 06, 2014

Suspect for FBI Raid on 91-Year-Old Indiana Artifact Collector Identified

Who accused 91-Year-Old Donald Miller of what has been unclear.  Speculation involving his numerous technological achievements have run rampant as people simply did not believe that the government would send 50-100 FBI agents to check out the collection of artifacts that this former member of the Manhattan project had gathered over the last 80 years.

But the unbelievable has become a bit more plausible  as more information has dribbled out.   Mr. Miller has not been charged with any crime, and maintains his innocence.   He claims that all his materials have been collected legally.

Others have speculated that envious collectors associated with the Obama administration are involved, that a museum coveted his collection, or that he is a Republican, and therefore subject to "special" treatment.   

The truth may lie somewhere in between.  In this article from, it is revealed that a leftist Native American group, AIM, has an interest in the case:
An organization representing Native Americans believe human remains are buried among thousands and thousands of artifacts collected by Donald Miller in the U.S. and around the world.

The FBI investigation and massive effort to recover thousands of invaluable artifacts is being watched by the American Indian Movement. Until recently, its local chairman lived only a half-hour away from the Rush County site.
"We are glad something like this has happened," said Albert Runningwolf, American Indian Movement.
 Is the raid "payback" for support among leftist Native Americans?

With  the lack of transparency that has come to be expected from this administration, we may never know for sure. 

The idea that you have to "prove" that you legally own something that is in your possession upends the tatters of the fourth amendment and the presumption of innocence.    It moves us away from the core value of American jurisprudence, that whatever is not forbidden is allowed, and toward the core tyranny of authoritarian regimes where "whatever is not permitted is forbidden".

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Sort of like Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas.