Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dave Workman: WA State Second Amendment Supportes Focusing on 15 Jan

With last Saturday’s “I Will Not Comply” event now history, Evergreen State Second Amendment activists are shifting their focus to an event one month from today on the Capitol steps that will have some heavy-duty backing by two locally-based national gun rights organizations, and the grassroots group that has grown out of the battle against Initiative 594, which took effect earlier this month.

Incidentally, today is Bill of Rights Day. Contrary to what anti-gunners might believe, there are ten amendments in the Bill of Rights, as those attending Saturday's rally could attest because they exercised two of them at the same time.

The Thursday, Jan. 15 gun rights rally in Olympia is being organized by the Gun Rights Coalition (GRC), Protect Our Gun Rights Washington (POGR, the local Pink Pistols and the Washington Firearms Leadership and Advocacy Group (WAFLAG). Supporting the event, which could easily be called an educational effort, are the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its sister organization, the Second Amendment Foundation.

Saturday’s rally, held to openly defy provisions of I-594 – the voter-approved 18-page gun control measure – went off well, though it did not attract the numbers that had been predicted by some, or reflected in the number of people who reportedly promised to attend. As Examiner reported over the weekend, crowd size estimates ranged from about 800 to about 1,800, there were lots of firearms present and exchanged, and nobody suffered a scratch.

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