Thursday, December 25, 2014

OK:Failure of Victim Selection: Do not Burglarize a Gun Rights Supporter

Pastor Vinyard in his Church

It appears that the teen burglar did not read the papers.   It is foolish to burgle the house of a "vocal supporter of gun rights", and then attack them in their home.  Tom Vinyard is the senior pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church, and has been outspoken in his political beliefs.  From
A pastor at a northwest Oklahoma City church who has been a vocal proponent of gun rights has been cleared of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy at the pastor’s home.


 The pastor arrived home about 3 p.m. and as he checked his house, he was attacked by the burglar, who had been hiding in a closet in a back bedroom, Prater said.
The pastor even put signs on his family's home warning criminals of the danger: From
On December 23, police identified the alleged intruder as 14-year-old Keontre Reese. 
Several signs are posted around the pastor’s home. One on the front door reads, “Nothing on this property is worth your life.”
 Keontre Reese, below.

While on a mission in Africa, Pastor Vinyard's home was invaded and his skull fractured.   He and his family cooperated with the robbers, but it was not enough.  Highly restrictive gun laws in the country that they were in prevented them from being armed.

I suspect that the experience did much to shape and reinforce Pastor Vinyard into the second amendment supporter that he is.

It is sad that his fourteen year old attacker did not pay attention in Sunday school, if he went, and did not heed the warnings on Pastor Vinyard's house.

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