Saturday, December 27, 2014

St. Lucia: Licensed gun Owner Fatally Shoots Burglar

St. Lucia is a Caribbean island nation.  English is the predominant language.

A blogger with knowledge of the incident said the taxi driver and his family have been targets: ”I feel extremely sorry for Mr. (name withheld to protect the firearm holder) whom I know very well for having to find himself in such a situation at this time bur my God, that family have had to put up with so much over the past few weeks with regards to their homes being burglarised. They were once held up at gun point in their own house and robbed of their valuables and a week later a female teacher who lives next door suffered the same consequence together with other families and their household in that area.That neighbourhood have had to put up with way too much and maybe who knows my parent’s house could have been next.”

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