Saturday, December 27, 2014

David Codrea: GOP felon Grimm shows true gun-grabber colors

Coming off more like violent head case Gyp Rosetti from “Boardwalk Empire” than a representative and servant of the people, new felon and prohibited person Rep. Michael Grimm committed yet another criminal act by threatening to throw NY1 Washington bureau reporter Michael Scotto off the Capitol building balcony last January for asking him a question about corruption allegations. The congressman pleaded guilty three days ago to felony tax evasion.

“Let me be clear to you,” Grimm told the much smaller journalist live on the air (see embedded video, above). “If you ever do that to me again, I’ll throw you off this [expletive deleted] balcony.

“You’re not man enough,” Grimm continued, adding further threatening insult to injury. “I’ll break you in half.”

As is so often the case by wrong-doers caught dead to rights in the act, Grimm apologized to reporter Scotto after realizing that everyone had witnessed his angry meltdown and there would be no finessing his way out of being exposed showing just what stuff he’s made of. So instead, he resorted to the time-honored political practice of weasel words.

“[T]his was an unfortunate incident that shouldn't have happened, and I'm sure my Italian mother is going to be yelling at me, saying, 'You aren't raised that way,' and she's right," Grimm deflected after the firestorm of criticism he started forced him to do damage control. It was a transparently self-serving pseudo-mea culpa, as the “ unfortunate incident” didn't just “happen” any more than a gun “goes off” all by its own self when some idiot has his booger hook on the bang switch. And if his calculated insertion of Italian heritage into the “apology” was supposed to somehow make everyone understand that volatility can be inherent and personal culpability mitigated, the National Italian American Association might like to have a word with him about “ethnic stereotyping [and] any attempts to marginalize an individual’s record with ethnic codes to further any political agendas.”
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