Sunday, December 21, 2014

Texas Poll: Should Open Carry of Arms Require Texans to Have a License?

On December 9th, radio station KFYO ran an Internet poll on whether or not Texans should be required to have a license in order to openly carry arms in Texas. Here is the question from kfyo:
 If Open Carry passes, should you have to get a license to carry? Let us know in today’s KFYO Poll of the Day.
The poll still appears to be open.  I do not see absolute numbers, but the sentiment that Texans should not have to pay for a license to exercise a right is winning by nearly five to one.

Here is a link to the poll.

Here is a typical response in the comments, by Martin Cohn:
I don't have to pay a tax to the govmt to exercise my other Constitutionally protected Civil Rights. Why should 2A be any different.
 Here is an atypical reply by Zeus Odin:
What's so bad about getting a license to carry a lethal weapon in public?
It is clear that the intensity and level of commitment are on the side of those pushing for open carry without a license.   It should not be too hard to push in Texas, as it already exists in 31 other states without a problem.

Criminals almost never openly carry guns, because it calls attention to their actions.

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