Sunday, December 28, 2014

WWII Sweetheart Grips on Military .45

Some GI wanted to keep his sweetheart picture close at hand.  I have seen pictures enclosed in Lucite grips before. The uniform appears to be an Army officer's winter service uniform from early in the war.  The Sam Browne belt and shoulder strap were replaced early in 1942.   Of course, existing uniforms were often used for quite some time after they were superseded.

If you look closely at the frame, just below the slide, you can make out the UNITED STATES PROPERTY stamp.

Large numbers of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines kept their .45 service pistols after the war, believing that they had earned them.

I cannot make out the rank of the officer in the picture.  Perhaps an alert reader can puzzle it out.

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Anonymous said...

I did not know that the wide hammer on the 1911A1 was adopted so early, as to the rank, I am guessing 1stLT

Anonymous said...

The wide spur hammer was the original (pre-1911A1) style of hammer.