Thursday, December 25, 2014

David Codrea: Government Motion in Fast and Furious Whistleblower case even Confuses Judge

A Monday order in the United States Court of Federal Claims by Judge Francis M. Allegra in the case of Jay Anthony Dobyns v. United States points to a motion by the government that has the judge demanding clarification. Noting it’s not even clear if a notice of appeal relates to a Federal Circuit Court order or to prior Federal Claims Court orders, Judge Allegra ordered the government “on or before January 5, 2015 [to] file [an explanatory] memorandum (not to exceed 30 pages)."

The judge then gave plaintiff Dobyns until January 12 to file a response to that memorandum. He also ordered, in bold type for emphasis, “The court will not permit any enlargements of these deadlines for any reason.”

That order, per Dobyns on his website, “set the stage for what 2015 will hold.” He also made it clear that much remains unknown.

Retired ATF Agent Dobyns gained fame after infiltrating the Hells Angels and writing about his experiences in the New York Times bestseller, “No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner-Circle of the Hells Angels.” He has since been the subject of numerous reports focused on retaliation he has been subjected to for coming forward with information exposing official wrongdoing. He was also instrumental in providing background information on management personalities and practices involved in the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal.

Dobyns had sued his employer for failure to properly investigate, and for reneging on protection agreements over death threats he received after the bureau withdrew his cover identity following the Hells Angels case. In September, Judge Allegra awarded Dobyns $173,000 and denied government royalty claims against Dobyns for his book, seemingly providing an end to a prolonged six-year ordeal until the government challenged that ruling in the 11th hour.

“DOJ and ATF tried their best and worst to defend their corruption,” Dobyns noted in November. That remark preceded his announcement that "Judge Allegra published an order announcing that he has voided his judgment in the case!”
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