Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Followup PA: Sherri Lynn Scarantino Found Justified in Domestic Killing

WILLIAM SPORT — A Lycoming County woman acted in self-defense when she shot and killed her boyfriend nearly a year ago, the district attorney says.

District Attorney Eric R. Linhardt Tuesday said he will not authorize a homicide charge against Sherri Lynn Scarantino, 39, in the death of Ty D. Kimble, 40.

"I am satisfied that Ms. Scarantino acted in self-defense, that she reasonably feared for her life and that her use of deadly force was justified," he said

She will be issued a summons on a state police charge of firearms not to be carried without a license, he said.
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Unknown said...

This WAS NOT Self defense. The article is misleading and does not include all the facts that were not provided by the DA for public knowledge. She was cheating on her husband for nearly a year, and lying to everyone and made her children lie about her affair. She took her gun and went after him. She shot at him twice while he was trying to exit the car--she shot him in the BACK, and when he fell he was still in the seat belt, so she dragged his body with the car a few hundred feet and left him to die on the road. There is time unaccounted for while she waited to call 911. The crime scene was not appropriately examined nor was his body until the coroner got to him, and the police let her go that night believing her story that she shot him in the face. She refused treatment at the hospital that night and officers saw no marks that evidenced her claims of being choked and etc. The family was blocked by the DA from having any information published in the newspapers, and were blocked from providing a victim/witness statement. She deserves to be in jail and WORSE.

Dean Weingarten said...

You might explain how the accusations you put forward have legitimacy.

Where did you get it?

How was it vetted?

Was it given under oath?

Were you at the scene of the shooting when it happened?

Many people have tremendous incentives to throw out accusations.

The idea of a public prosecutor is they have no "dog in the fight", so to speak.

Relatives of one of the principles of the altercation can have their motivation questioned.