Sunday, November 29, 2015

WI: Appeals Court Affirms: Knives are Arms Protected by the Second Amendment

 Excellent court decision at the Wisconsin Appellate court level.  Knives are arms protected by the Second Amendment.

Applying the Second Amendment to knives as arms and the groundbreaking Heller U.S. Supreme Court decision, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision that it was illegal for someone to possess a switchblade (automatic) knife in their home.

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Anonymous said...

"Within the home" carries no merit as a limitation. It is but one place a person can exercise their inalienable, inherent, enumerated, individual right.

Modern day right to arms control simply cannot withstand the Second Amendment itself and it being enforceable against all levels of government. The vast majority of it, almost all of it (as it regards to possession and carriage and even use in self defense) was crafted under the false premise that the right to keep and bear arms was not a individual right disconnected from actual military service AND that the protections themselves 'only" applied to the federal government.

Those intentionally placed hurdles, actually they are properly referred to as infringements, no longer function as the barriers they always were. They cannot withstand direct scrutiny because they are illegitimate to begin with.

All those possession and carriage "laws' are unjust and unconstitutional oversteps. Blatant usurpation of enumerated rights has gone on far too long, especially this one. Now that the dam is crumbling around them, more and more courts, lower courts, are going to be standing down, and tearing down, more and more offending code. Bet on it.