Monday, November 16, 2015

Poll Trump: Did French Gun Laws Contribute to the French Death Toll?

After the worst attack on French soil since World War II, Donald Trump has stated that the casualties could have been less if some of the French citizens had been armed.  Trump Tweeted the above message back in January, after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.   The media cartel immediately attacked with the old politically correct standby, quoting people who said the remarks, made nearly a year ago, were Insensitive".  It is an all purpose method of silencing dissent or any statement that might disagree with their agenda.

But Donald Trump did not back down and quiver in fear of the media cartel.   At a rally in Texas, on November 14th, he reiterated his position.  From
“When you look at Paris — you know the toughest gun laws in the world, Paris — nobody had guns but the bad guys. Nobody had guns. Nobody,” Trump said at a rally here. “They were just shooting them one by one and then they (security forces) broke in and had a big shootout and ultimately killed the terrorists.”

“You can say what you want, but if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry –” Trump said, pausing as the crowd erupted into raucous applause, “– it would’ve been a much, much different situation.”
 Donald Trump has a habit of saying obvious truths that are supposed to be unmentionable because of "politically correct" self censorship.     The media cartel has declared certain policy options are off the table because they do not fit the elite cartel's agenda.  Things like enforcing the border and immigration laws.  Things like citizens being armed to defend themselves from terrorists.  At the worst site of the Islamic Jihadis attack, where dozens of French citizens were killed, it took hours before the police stormed the location.

Most of the deaths were from rifle fire.  The terrorists were all wearing suicide vests that have been reported to be loaded with the homemade explosive TATP.  TATP is very sensitive.  It is so sensitive that it is considered too dangerous to work with.  The impact of a bullet would almost certainly set off the suicide vest.

Most of the terrorists did suicide, but one is reported to have been taken down by a bullet or bullets from the security forces.  His suicide vest went off when he was hit.

A publisher in New Jersey has put up a poll asking if you agree with Trump.  From
Do you agree with Trump that tough French gun laws led to more deaths in the terrorist attacks?

Yes 79.86% 1,138 votes

No 20.14% 287 votes


 Here is a link to the poll

The poll is a little down on the page, on the left hand side.  It is currently in the territory that is  common for polls that relate to the Second Amendment, with Second Amendment supporters typically outnumbering Disarmists by 3-7 to 1.    However, there are times when the poll question is so clear that they ratio jumps to 10 0r 20 to 1.  This may be one of those times.  It will be interesting to see how the poll evolves over the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

I read some of the replies to this article, I find it hard to believe that some of those people do not have a great expense for a keeper. One idiot claimed we would not have a gun problem if we enforced our constitutional obligation to ban guns nation wide. One guy claimed he wished someone would carry to protect him but he did not want to own a gun. I would be happy to let him be my shield. He can stand tall while I change magazines. and the poll was up to 82+

Unknown said...

Trump is wrong. Gun control laws do not stop determined people from getting the guns and explosives they need. However, it does not follow that having access to guns will have effect in stopping a determined terrorist attack. They will simple take that into account and adapt their tactics, i.e., if they think Americans are armed to the teeth they won't bother with the guns. They will just use explosives.

Wireless.Phil said...

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