Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rob Morse: Lies the Media Cartel Told Me

A brilliant article by Rob Morse.

I think we scare the elites. Today, average folks like us can get our news from a thousand different sources. Unfiltered by the mainstream media, we witness the growing corruption between government and crony businessmen. We see the growing gap between what the mainstream news tells us and what we see with our own eyes. We continue to live our own lives despite that government collusion and media corruption. We can’t be bought. For the most part, we can’t be pushed around. Our independence frightens the dishonest political and business elites. They want us disarmed. They want us disarmed for their benefit, not for ours.

The elite media and Democrat politicians have been working on disarming us for a while. First, they distorted the news stories about gun owners. When that didn’t change public opinion, the elites lied to us. That is why the news about armed self-defense seems so contradictory to the real world we see around us every day.

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