Saturday, November 21, 2015

TX: Armed 80-Year-Old Rancher and Son Shoot Tires, Assist in Capturing Burglars

It is legal to shoot at burglars to prevent theft of property in Texas.

LAMAR COUNTY, Texas (KXII) - A Lamar County man came home to two burglars inside his home Tuesday.

80-year-old Eldon Foster is a rancher. He's also a veteran and an avid hunter. So when he got a call from a neighbor that some strangers had broken into his Ragtown home off FM 197 Tuesday morning, he knew just what to do.

"I just try to take care of business until the sheriff gets here," said Foster.

He and his son locked and loaded, and chased Jesse Keene, 24, and Samantha Varner, 25, out of his home.

"I had a shotgun, and my son had a pistol," said Foster. "We tried to stop them and they wouldn't, so we popped their back tires."

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