Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Book 'These Are My Guns' Examines USA's Second Amendment Rights and the Statistics that Refute Anti-Gun Movement

About the Book

"A definitive and in-depth examination of the Anti-Gun Movement's claims and tactics, and the facts and statistics that completely refute them; written not by a Politician, Political Operative, or Media Expert with a bully pulpit, but by a regular American Citizen who is tired of seeing our rights and Constitution under attack by those who mean to control every aspect of our lives."

PublishNext says that, "'These Are My Guns' is a well-written, data-driven treatise on the right of United States citizens to own guns. It looks at the country's founding documents and major Supreme Court cases, examines common arguments against gun ownership, and presents statistical data supporting ownership. The manuscript is well-documented, containing many citations."

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Wireless.Phil said...

I don't think that the Center’s for Disease Control keeps any info on guns or gun deaths, they don't have the funding for that, never have.

Dean Weingarten said...

When the Department of Justice studies showed that "gun control" did not do any good, The disarmists turned to the Center for Disease Control to churn out bogus "studies" to provide fuel for their push to ban guns. The propaganda was so blatant that Congress removed funding from them specifically to stop the CDC propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Anyone still asleep to how corrupt our government is, deserves the government we have. Remember it makes no difference whom you vote for, who counts the votes is all important. Congressional hearings have proven electronic voting machines are programmable and the tallies can be manipulated.