Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Idaho Brings Constitutional Carry into Play in 2016

Idaho has been a prime candidate for enacting Constitutional carry for decades.  They have introduced bills that looked promising, but ultimately were bogged down in intramural fights among Republicans.  Last year there were several public demonstrations in favor of Constitutional carry, and consideration of a bill was forced over the Republican leadership.  It failed.  This year may be different.  Speaker Scott Bedke was credited for the bills failure last year.  This year, he thinks it might pass.  From clearwatertribune.com:
The Post Register (Idaho Falls, 12/14/15) interviewed Idaho House Speaker Scott Bedke, and reported, “Bedke said gun legislation is likely. A bill that would have allowed any legal gun owner to carry concealed without a special permit — referred to as ‘constitutional carry’ — was introduced last year but failed to gain momentum. Bedke said he thinks similar legislation could pass this year.”
Speaker Bedke also said, “There’s a strong majority of Idahoans and legislators who believe that citizens have a right to protect themselves. In the wake of these mass shootings, I think that gets elevated.”
Six other states have restored Constitutional carry; Vermont has always had it.  It is the state of legislation that existed when the Second Amendment was ratified.  In 1791, no permit was required to carry weapons openly or concealed.  That continued to be the law into the 1830's, when Southern states started to legislate against concealed weapons, and to make it illegal for freed slaves and blacks to carry them.

The seven states that already have Constitutional carry are: Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and Wyoming.  Some pundits include Montana, where a permit is required for concealed carry inside city limits; and Mississippi, where no permit is required for concealed carry if the firearm is completely enclosed in a "container" like a purse, bag, or briefcase.  A full flap holster would likely qualify.

Constitutional carry would be a small step for Idaho.  No permit is required for concealed carry outside of city limits, and open carry has always been legal.

Representatives Ronald Nate and Heather Scott are sponsoring the bill.

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