Monday, January 04, 2016

IN: Irresponsible Dog Owner Incites Internet Crowd against Deer Rancher

 What is interesting about this case is that it is emblematic of those who assert that their pet or child could never do anything wrong, even though they were no where near the action that happened.  All states have laws that allow owners of animals to protect them from free roaming dogs.  Those laws are there for a reason.  Once dogs have escaped the control of their owner, especially when they are in a group, pack instincts take over and they become very, very dangerous.  The owners never see this side of them, because when they are with the owner, they take there 'pack cues' from the owner.  It amazes me that the dogs owner publicly makes her irresponsible actions know to all, as if she is prowd of having created this situation by not controlling her animals.

From the article:

Wall raises deer and he told police the dogs, which had gotten loose, were trying to dig under a fence to get to the deer and after unsuccessful attempts to chase them off with an ATV, he shot and killed them and then burned their bodies.

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Wireless.Phil said...

As a child, we used to let our dog run free at night, but not every night.
He'd show up the next morning after having done what male dogs do, making puppies.