Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Gun 'buyback' Transfers Guns to Legal Market, uses Funds to get more Guns 'off the streets'

I have often written that gun turn in programs, also known by the propaganda term 'gun buy back' (you cannot 'buy back' a gun you never owned), would benefit by including private buyers so that more guns could be purchased from people who do not want them, and the proceeds recycled into more gun turn ins.

The program would then be self sustaining and perpetual, serving to give people who do not want guns an easy way to legally dispose of them, while saving valuable resources and directing the guns into the legal market.  Resources that would have gone to manufacture more guns will then go to more productive purposes.

It appears that Charles Tassell, who is a Deer Park City Councilperson has had parallel thoughts.  He has put his thoughts into practice, in a market based gun turn in system that gets high marks for innovation, responsibility, and good management.  From cincinnati.com:
Deer Park City Councilperson Charles Tassell, who is pro-gun and holds a concealed-carry permit, didn't think that was the best way to run “Street Rescue,” his gun buyback program.

Instead, he turns in the collected guns to federally licensed firearms dealers to be sold to the right hands.

"It’s not my determination of the 'right hands,'" Tassell said. "It’s the federal government's decision."
Buckeye Firearms explains why the system works so well:
 “Allowing the guns to go back into the secondary markets is a much better solution than simply destroying the firearms,” said Joe Eaton, treasurer of the Buckeye Firearms Association. “It protects the historical and collectible guns and makes families safer by making less expensive firearms available to them.”
 Gun turn in events have declined in many states.  A number of them, such as Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky and others have made it illegal to conduct such events unless the guns are sold, to prevent destruction of valuable assets.  Charles Tassell's approach takes the best of both worlds and combines them into a well thought out program that allows people to easily get rid of guns that they are uncomfortable with. 

Then those guns are placed in the legal market where they go to responsible gun owners.  Valuable guns are turned into more funds to continue the program; stolen guns are returned to owners.  Historical artifacts are preserved and cherished.

It is a win - win for all concerned.

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Anonymous said...

Here is where the "buyback" propaganda comes from. The use of "federal reserve notes" is a complicated thing, one where it is claimed that everything bought and sold with it is debt based, borrowed, making all items traded for it actually leveraged as debt, not wealth represented. This means - to statists who set it all up a century ago- that literally everything bought and sold with debt notes, bills, leveraged pieces of paper, actually belongs to the owner of the notes themselves. That would be the line from which buy BACK comes from.

Now, I know that seems like idiocy. But consider this. It is a true fact that you do not own those dollar bills in your wallet. You are allowed to BORROW them, and use them to trade, but doing so is a kind of contract in and of itself. Each note represents a share of debt you hold, not a share of wealth as most people think.

Why is it called a NOTE? Why is it called a BILL? Because it is a DEBT, silly.

As foolish as buyBACK is, as anti common sense as it seems, it is actually accurate on the level of honesty about our currency system.

The con is foisted upon us by refusing to coin money with intrinsic value and refusing to stop inflating the economy beyond coins usage being convenient. Why is it we don't have 20 dollar coins, fifty dollar coins, hundred dollar coins? Who is going to take rolls of coins to pay for groceries?

Yeah, yeah , yeah this is out in the weeds, but the gun buyBACK scenario is more than just stupidity in and of itself - it s a representation of the stupidity of how far off track we are.

Have ya noticed a change in recent years regarding "law" as it pertains to gun TRADES? Yeah, there is a good reason for that - when no Federal Reserve NOTES are involved, they have no claim as a party to the contract and this no CONTROL.
Don't believe me? Take the bills out of your pocket and actually look at them! Read them. Then think to yourself, what is it you sign when you buy a mortgage? Oh yeah, a NOTE. A BILL. DEBT.

See it?

As bass ackwards as it is, buy BACK is really accurate when considering their "legal system". It is a means of keeping their TRANSFERS "legal" because they are actually breaking their own rules taking these transfers without waiting periods!
It is snake oil of the highest order. Wait til peopl figure out this applies to EVERYTHING you have ever bought with Federal Reserve NOTES. Yup, see it, gubmint claims ownership over everything you have, everything. They can buy it all "back".

Anonymous said...

Actually taking coins to pay for things is what I do. Most of my purchases are with federal reserve notes. but I convert those notes to large amounts of coins. One day paper dollars will be good for starting fire or lighting fires with but coins have some metal value. when paper will not. collecting old silver coins is a valuable thing to do. I have the ability, the equipment and the knowledge to dissolve and purify silver if the need ever arises.