Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to File a Complaint Against an Illegal Texas 30.06 Sign

One of the reforms of old gun law passed during the last Texas legislative session, and signed into law by Governor Abbott, was a statute to prevent local governments from infringing on Second Amendment rights in public buildings.  The law was passed with teeth and and real penalties for willful infringement on the right to bear arms of Texans; at least those with accepted carry permits.  From
When uncooperative governments post signs to ban Texas citizens from carrying where it is legal, they are breaking the law and infringing on Texans' Second Amendment rights. Pursuant to Senate Bill 273 passed by the 84th Legislature, citizens may file complaints against these political subdivisions that unlawfully post signs prohibiting concealed weapons on property where concealed handgun license holders are legally permitted to carry.

Individuals who observe violations must first file a complaint with the government that appears to be in violation. If the entity does not remove the sign within three (3) days, citizens may file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office to investigate the matter and enforce the law. If you believe a political subdivision is unlawfully posting 30.06 signs and you have already filed a complaint with that entity, you may call The Texas Attorney General's 30.06 Hotline at 1-844-584-3006, or fill out the form below:

Complaints and Investigation Procedures for the 30.06 Concealed Handgun Sign.
Notice that there is a three step process to complete before a complaint should be sent to the Attorney General, Ken Paxton. 

First, file a complaint with the local government entity. I recommend taking a picture of the offending sign, preferably with some sort of date/time stamp.

Second, Wait three days and see if the sign is taken down.  If not, then:

Third, file a complaint with the Attorney General at the convenient website set up for the purpose by AG Ken Paxton.

Several other  states have made it illegal for local governments to infringing on the Second Amendment rights of citizens.  Some of those states have found that mere illegality was not sufficient to stop scofflaw governments from flagrantly violating the law.  Both Florida and Ohio have had to reform their preemption laws to create penalties for local government scofflaws.

Ken Paxton has shown that he takes his oath of office and his job seriously.  It would not surprise me if Texans move him to a higher office once he finishes his tour as AG. 

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David said...

The flow chart shown for this story is unreadable due to appearing to be "out of focus" for lack of a better term. This exist even after clicking on the picture.


Dean Weingarten said...

The chart is fuzzy at the Texas AG link as well, put a clearer version is available at the Complaints and Investigation Procedure link a bit further down.