Tuesday, March 15, 2016

CA: Relative say Man who was shot Made a Mistake

Later that night, outside of the scene of the fatal shooting, his relatives told KTLA that their uncle — who also lived at the complex — had been drinking that night. He was possibly disoriented, and likely thought he was getting back into his own unit “because all of the buildings looks the same.”

The family members did not want their faces shown on camera, nor did they want to give their full names.

In the interview, they said he didn’t speak English and wouldn’t have been able to understand the resident’s orders. The man also had difficulty seeing out of one eye.

“He did have a couple drinks, maybe got mad and broke in the window, which he thought was his room. He broke the exact same window, too,” one of the nephews said. “He just wanted to go home, that’s it.”
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Anonymous said...

A really good reason to learn to speak & UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. Maybe stay in you own home country?