Thursday, March 03, 2016

Should Gun Manufacturers Be Sued Every Time an Individual Commits a Crime with a Gun?

Could you imagine being a business owner, selling a legal, functional product, and being sued every time an individual who buys your product uses it to commit a crime?

Should a rope manufacturer be liable when someone is hanged by that rope? Should a knife manufacturer be liable when someone is stabbed? Could a restaurant be sued when someone eats their perfectly safe food but dies of a heart attack or diabetic shock?

In each of these cases the product being sold is legal and it works. And in each of these cases we don’t think the manufacturer should be held responsible for damage that comes from using a safe product as advertised. But some activists think gun manufacturers and retailers should be held to a different standard.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how no one thought to sue Louisville slugger that makes base ball bats when a guy was beaten to death with one of their products.


Just as soon as car manufactures can be sued for every accident!!!!