Saturday, April 30, 2016

AZ: Scud Missle and BRDM in Arizona Desert

This picture was taken near Tacna, Arizona at the beginning of April, 2016.  I believe the missile is a mock-up of a Scud B and the MAZ-543 launcher, mounted on a trailer.  I do not think a dually Ford would be able to move around a real Scud and launcher, but maybe.  The Scud B, loaded, would be about 7 tons.  But I cannot see sane U.S. military forces  allowing an missile fuelled with tons of kerosene and nitric acid out on the highways and desert for a training exercise.  Without the fuel or warhead, maybe the Ford could handle it.

The armored vehicle, which looks to be a real BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle), is another matter.  This one is capable of being driven about.  Some have been reported being used as taxis in Russia today.

If you wonder what it would take to purchase one, they are available for about,$23,000 to $27,000, not counting shipping or import fees.  They are meant to withstand small arms fire up to 7.62 mm. I do not know if that is the NATO 7.62X51 armor piercing, or the East Block 7.62X39 or 7.62X54.  The 7.62X54 is  roughly the ballistic equivalent of the NATO round.

It is not every day that you see former Soviet/Russian or East block missile launchers and armored vehicles in the Arizona desert; unless you are on Yuma Proving Ground.  These were not, and that made them interesting.

Back in the middle 1990's, there were rumors and conspiracy theories floating about of Soviet armor being "prepositioned" in the United States, supposedly for a Red Dawn type take over, facilitated by traitors in the Clinton administration.  I considered them all bereft of plausibility.

I was shocked and stunned when travelling through West Texas.  I saw a whole trainload of Soviet armored vehicles heading West, while I was heading East.

There were T-72 tanks, BMPs, and one or more  BRMDs.  The train was not short, and I watched with wonderment as dozens of Soviet era armored vehicles headed West on American railroad tracks. This was before widespread cell phones, digital cameras, and only a rudimentary Internet.

When I returned to Yuma Proving Ground a few days later, I thought my tale of Soviet armor would brand me a conspiracy theorist of the first order.  But I told my colleagues of the sighting anyway.  Truth deserves an audience.

I expected scepticism and disbelief.  Instead, I got a "Yeah, we just unloaded them over the last week.  They are here for target ID and research use."

I wonder if the BRMD was one of those that came over with that shipment.

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Anonymous said...

I had a Chevy one ton with a 454 and a four speed that pulled my 10,000 pound mining trailer any where I wanted to go. that truck appears to be a ford one and a half ton or higher. it should pull 14,000 pounds easily. we are seeing a lot of old conspiracy theories becoming reality. God Bless the morons that can not believe their own eyes because God is the only one that can help them when this all goes down. My Dad lived through the great depression and he always told me if you think it cant happen that is when it usually does. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure . if you are too stupid to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, you have no one to blame but yourself. Anything is possible and anything does happen. some people measure success by the body count. Hitler considered himself successful, his body count ended up being over 23 million. the catholic church holds the record for over 100 million. and the new world order hopes to dwarf that by several billion. we can blame our selves or we can blame people like Soros that has helped to put communist leaning liberals and democrats into office around the world and infiltrated our government for decades. McCarthy is being proven correct, remember how he and his conspiracy theory we shouted down?. I believe it is time to lock and load, taking it off safe takes less time than loading. all most as much time to bend over and kiss your as good bye if you don't.

Anonymous said...

A good bet is that they were headed to Fort Irwin National Training Center, where there is a lot of OPFOR training, including a permanent OPFOR unit.

There were a lot of strange anecdotes out of there about the OPFOR, as though few in number, they knew the terrain well, and spent a lot of time trying to outsmart the units sent there to train. Every now and then, they would win a fight, which would be a huge embarrassment to the visiting unit. As long as they did so with Soviet tactics, they were at least supposed to get away with it.

Wireless.Phil said...

I've seen similar launchers in news footage, the motor is in the vehicle, there may be one of two people in the front compartments, but they drive it. No tow necessary.

One made out of plywood or plastic could be towed.

Murphy's Law said...

Saw a trainload of these in Michigan some years back. Hear the same "prepositioning" rumors. Turned out they all went to Camp Grayling for destructive testing and ultimate use as range targets.

Anonymous said...

Yes an all of that armored equipment stored on the Las Vegas FEMA camp is being stored for future field targets. Once they are all destroyed as field targets they will all be melted down to make new cars for the government to give away to the needy. are you interested in buying the Brooklyn bridge too.

Anonymous said...

The mile long train load of new armor leaving the Yuma Marine base did not look like it had been used for field targets.