Friday, April 22, 2016

OH: No Charges for Neighbor who Shot Kidnap and Assault Suspect

Hearing screams, the neighbor, whom police said knew the male homeowner, got a gun and ran to the home at 311 Crescent Drive, where the neighbor saw Johnson and the male homeowner fighting on the ground.

Another male neighbor also ran to the scene and helped in trying to subdue Johnson.

- While waiting for police to arrive, the neighbor with the gun shot Johnson as Johnson was running away.

"Our officers were arriving as that whole shooting thing was taking place,'' Green said. "The patrolmen who were arriving pretty much saw that whole thing.''
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Wireless.Phil said...

Yes, it's been on the news here too.

Just in:
Va. governor to give about 200,000 ex-felons the right to vote

Wireless.Phil said...

They really beat that woman:

Report reveals horrific details in abduction
newsnet5 staff

Also in the news, they killed this girl in school.

16-year-old girl dead after fight at high school
newsnet5 Staff