Thursday, April 28, 2016

IN: Burglar Sues Homeowner Who Shot Him While he Fled

McLaughlin, now 33, fired gunshots at the intruder he saw fleeing from his property, in the 400 block of West Commerce Drive. One of the bullets hit Bailey in the left arm as he ran down an alley.

In September 2014, a Jay Superior Court jury found McLaughlin guilty of criminal recklessness in the shooting. Judge Max Ludy later sentenced the Dunkirk property owner to 60 days in jail, to be followed by four months on home detention.

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Anonymous said...

misdemeanor versus felony break in, what a joke. the thief is now identified. what will his next crime be?

WVcyclist said...

I guess this could further advocate to stay in place and wait for criminal. Ex: stay crouched on back side of bed, aiming at door, at the ready.

Anonymous said...

It just upsets me that some people have the nerve to enter some ones home to steal. I mean do they consider how much work it is to clean up the mess after you stop them with a 12 ga. loaded with double O buck? the peripheral damage to the home with all of that blood to clean up and holes to patch.