Friday, April 29, 2016

Followup WV More on Staggs Justifiable Self Defense Case

“His story has been consistent all the way through. He even testified on his own behalf, and the bottom line is the jury believed him,” Holstein said. “We’re very happy that the jury sided with a man who defended himself on his own property.”

The victims were found shot early in the morning last year when Kanawha County sheriff’s deputies stopped their car. Mays was allegedly driving the car covered in blood.

Holstein said 911 tape footage confirmed Staggs’ story that he was attacked, as well as a baseball bat that was found.

“There were a couple of pieces of evidence that were really important in this case,” he said. “There was a baseball bat that Andrew Staggs told the police about. Sure enough, they found that bat in the other guys car. He had attacked my client with that baseball bat.”

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