Thursday, April 28, 2016

Followup SC: Shooting Outside Reproduciton Castle ruled Justified.

In 2006 Stephenson founded Southern Tide, a purveyor of high-end polo shirts, shorts and other classically styled apparel for men and women that bears a skipjack fish logo. Authorities say the 32-year-old businessman shot and killed Matthew Whitman as Whitman trespassed on Stephenson's estate, its home patterned after a German castle, several miles north of Greenville.

According to Sheriff Steve Loftis, Stephenson's girlfriend called 911 to report that someone was trespassing on the grounds and walking down a quarter-mile-long driveway leading from a locked gate to the home. When the man refused to stop, Stephenson stood on his porch and fired two warning shots in the air from a shotgun, according to Loftis.

Stephenson left the porch and approached the man, who then tried to stab him with a folding hunting knife, according to Loftis. At that point, the sheriff said, Stephenson fired five times, hitting Whitman three times —in the arm, face and chest.
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Anonymous said...

oral to this story, never take a knife to a gun fight.