Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Update NV: Henderson Kidnapping of Armed Victim was Setup by a "Friend"

Brian Kleynen mugshot

Dramatic details have been revealed about the kidnapping/ double homicide in Henderson three weeks ago.  In the crime,where two criminals kidnapped a jewelry store employee who had a concealed carry permit, and was armed.  I speculated that the victim might have directed the kidnappers to the cul-de-sac where the shooting occurred.  That has been confirmed.  It has also been revealed that the first "victim" was a confederate of the two front seat kidnappers.  Brian Kleynen has admitted his involvement and has been charged.  The two kidnappers in the front seat who were killed have been identified as Lanard Wilson and Selvy Auston, ages 36 and 27.  Both had criminal histories, one had a known gang connection.  From
Kleynen admitted to police that he planned and staged his own kidnapping with Auston for the purpose of deceiving and robbing the victim.

The victim will not be charged with any crime as detectives have determined he acted in self-defense.

Kleynen is being held at the Henderson Detention Center on charges that include conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping, first-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery with a deadly weapon.
The victim, who manages the jewellery store, was tricked into complying with the kidnappers' demands so as to save his "friend" Kleynen. The kidnapping occurred just outside the victims house.  The victims hands were bound to the headrest while he was in the backseat of the Altima that was used as the kidnap vehicle.  He broke free of the zip ties that were used to constrain him.

Ordinary zip ties can be defeated with a sharp and aggressive action.  He had the advantage of having the ties in front of him where it was easier to use his upper body strength.  This does not work as well with police or military grade ties used for prisoners, but there are simple techniques for escaping them as well.

With his hands free, the victim accessed a concealed handgun and shot the two kidnappers, killing them. He chose the time to act when the vehicle was in a cul-de-sac, where it was travelling at a slow enough speed to allow him to resist without worrying about a fatal car crash.  Taking out the driver of the vehicle that you are in may not be a good tactic while traveling at high speed.

The pretext for returning to his home was that he needed keys to be able to access the store. The victim will not be charged with any offense, as he acted in self defense.

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