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Chinese Heroine Drives off 3, Kills one, 2nd Time She Shot Pistol (video)

Link to video of action

At a little before 4 a.m. on September 16th, in Gwinnet County, Georgia,  three armed home invaders picked the wrong house.  The video shows much of the action, but written accounts fill in some interesting details.  The Chinese immigrant woman, Chen Fengzu, had recently been given a gun by her husband. She had fired it at the range one time.  A shop assistant was staying at the house that night, (in a separate bedroom).  The shop assistant was rousted first.  He shouted a warning, "No Money!"  He was not armed.  But Chen Fengzu was.  She came out shooting. This is a good tip, a good way to alert others in the house while appearing to be compliant.  It does not reveal the existence of another resident.

From the video, it appears that she fired a full sized semi-auto eight or nine times.  She killed one invader, and likely wounded another, after one session at the range earlier in the month. From
The burglars quickly fled under a hail of bullets. One of them was shot and died on Chen's driveway. Another is believed to have been shot as well. Last week, the Gwinnett County Police Department released the footage of the incident, hoping it would help find the two fugitives who made it out alive and are still at large.

"She simply exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property," said a local police department spokesman about the shooting. Chen's husband had given her the gun just one month earlier. Prior to that night, she had only fired it once before, at a shooting range.
There is much that can be criticized in Chen Fengzu's tactics, if you wish to do so.  She acted with admirable courage and delivered a fine performance for her limited training.  She is serving as an inspiration for millions of Chinese around the world.  Her example was played on the Chinese official government television, and has gone viral in China.

In the United States, Chinese immigrants are telling others to take advantage of their Second Amendment rights, to arm and protect themselves. While this may simply be Internet bluster, here is a comment, from the Youtube video site:
My sister in law is Chinese. If this was her, she would have shot dead all of them with two shots to the chest and one to the head before any would have reacted. She has a HKP9 and can fire with freakishly good accuracy and reload crazy fast.
Anyone considering the proposed ban on "Large Capacity Magazines" would do well to notice that Chen Fengzu shot her pistol empty, but did not seem to notice.  It might have been a critical difference if there had been four intruders, or if they had not fled so quickly.  A pistol with an 11-20 shot standard magazine would have given her more defensive flexibility.

You can see the pistol with the slide locked back, after the shooting is done.  In the video, her last shot is at the door to the outside.

Pistols are meant to be user friendly and ergonomic.  I have read of several instances where first time users are effective with the pistols that they fire.  Most defensive actions are by people who have not invested a lot of time in shooting practice.  The video illustrates that high levels of training are not necessary for effective action.

Highly trained individuals tilt the odds in their favor.  But not everyone can be highly trained in every useful skill.

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