Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TX: Homeowner Shoots 2, Kills 1

According to Fort Bend County deputies, the two men, identified as 24-year-old Hashem Abu Amarah and 20-year-old Faisal Abu Amarah, walked up to people who lived at the home and assaulted them. They said the homeowner went inside, grabbed his gun and fired at both men.
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Anonymous said...

Dean, did you see the MSN story. man calls 911 for mental health help for his wife? two cops show up shoot her five times. she is down, two more cops show up, she is still moving so they shoot her three more times. she had a BB gun. under her it was not showing when the two new arrival show up and shoot her three more times. that sort of compares to the highway patrol man that shoots a woman at point blank range with a .223 several times in the chest and one to the head. murder by cop is happening far to often. when the coroner turned over the body of the woman the highway patrol man shot she had a gun in a holster that was empty. the cops charged the guy she had forced at gun point to drive her into Arizona from California and when he got the chance he escaped and they charged him with the murder, he was in custody 20 seconds before the high way patrolman shot the woman. almost as bad as being run down by a patrol car at 60 miles an hour. where are they getting these gun toting killers with badges?

Dean Weingarten said...

There are about 750,000 sworn officers in the U.S.A.

They deal in nasty, tense situations a lot. Statistically things go bad, people go bad, weird stuff happens.

When you look at the details of most cases, they are understandable. There are some bad one, both cases and people, but that is unavoidable in a large nation.

We are likely the first nation that is seeing it, because of our affluence, 1st amendment freedoms, and the ubiquity of cell phone video recorders and Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Body cameras and dash cameras seem to be correcting an awful lot of police reports. please tell what you think about shooting several hits to the chest and one to the head, is that police protocol? or is that judge, jury and executioner?