Friday, October 21, 2016

Video of Homemade Sub Machine Guns in Australia

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While this video is from 2013, it is a graphic illustration of the results of what happens when extreme gun restrictions are imposed, as they have been in Australia. When it is expensive to import guns, criminals resort to making their own. The guns in the video are of a simple design and are easily made. Homemade sub machine guns are commonly found in Brazil and Israel, and are turning up in Canada.  In 2015, Australian police estimated 10 percent of the guns they seized were homemade.

In 2009, copies of the MAC machine pistol were confiscated. The MAC is a little more sophisticated than the guns in the video, but is well within the capability of any metal working hobbiest. The underground manufacturer admitted that he made as many as 100 for the black market before a sting operation caught him.  The MAC homemade guns included a homemade silencer and two magazines.

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