Saturday, October 15, 2016

OH: Sheriffs Compete to Protect Second Amendment

Candidates for Defiance County sheriff shared similar thoughts on Second Amendment rights at the Defiance County Fish and Game Club Thursday night.

About 100 persons attended the event at the club, located northwest of Defiance on Ohio 15.

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Wireless.Phil said...

South west of Toledo on the Indiana state line.
Recent news, the found a form of TB in the deer population on a farm, the deer was putdown and the heard is being checked.

Anonymous said...

Importantly, Ohio laws and duties of Sheriffs have a useful section.

"In the execution of official duties of the sheriff, the sheriff may call to the sheriff's aid such persons or power of the county as is necessary."

This means a Sheriff could (unenforceably, like in Kennesaw, GA) officially require "adult citizens of good character", to be armed, as "deputies", so as needed the Sheriff "could request their support during county emergencies." But as a practical matter, this could protect those citizens from gun confiscation.

Anonymous said...

I do not need protection from gun confiscation, the confiscators are the ones that need the protection