Friday, October 28, 2016

James Edming : Member of Wisconsin Legislature that is a Firearms Instructor

James Edming, (screen right) is said to be the only member of the Wisconsin legislature that is a certified firearms instructor. He is a successful businessman who represents Assembly District 87 in the North Central part of the state.  He has deep roots in the area, living on land his grandfather purchased after he came over from Sweden in 1886. James has taught numerous concealed carry courses.  In the picture above, he has no problem standing next to a constituent who is proudly and openly carrying his holstered Glock.

Open carry of handguns has always been legal in Wisconsin, but was discouraged in the metropolitan areas of Milwaukee and Racine. Until 10 years ago, police in those cities routinely violated people's rights by charging open carriers with disorderly conduct.

That has changed now.  Wisconsin has one of the best shall issue concealed carry permit systems in the country.  But even the best can be improved. 

I was able to talk to Representative Edming for a few minutes.  He is an ardent Second Amendment supporter.  The gun culture is strong in Assembly District 87.  James Edming has an A rating with the NRA. In any given election it is likely that people with concealed carry permits will make up 10-15% of the voters in his district.

When I discussed the Wisconsin permit system, I mentioned that Wisconsin is missing an opportunity to have non residents contribute to Wisconsin government coffers.  Through the machinations and compromises made when Act 35, the Wisconsin concealed carry bill, was passed, citizens who are not residents of Wisconsin are unable to apply for a Wisconsin permit.  Consequently, people who wish for a permit outside of their home state apply to states other than Wisconsin, most notably to Florida and Utah, which issue hundreds of thousands of out of state permits.

Assemblyman Edming mentioned that Wisconsin has reciprocity to accept permits from all other states.  This is true, but there are still a few states that make it very difficult for their residents to obtain permits.

People from those states often obtain permits from another state to be used when they are traveling.  In addition, there are people who collect permits much like others collect stamps.  They wish to have a permit from every state that is available.  There are people who would like to have a permit from a given state for sentimental reasons.  I grew up in Wisconsin, and am proud of the progress Wisconsin has made in restoring the right to keep and bear arms.  I would like a Wisconsin permit to show my gratitude and to remind me of my roots.

The Wisconsin permit has advantages over other states as a choice for out of state residents.  The Wisconsin legislature wisely did not require a photograph or fingerprints to obtain the permit.  They are not necessary in the age of the nationwide background check system run by the FBI, and they would add significantly to the cost of a permit.  Wisconsin recently made a website available for the application and renewal process.  Wisconsin's frugal government has kept the permit fee low and easily accessible.  It is not unreasonable to expect four to five million dollars a year to flow into Wisconsin's Department of Justice from out of state permit applications.

Assemblyman Edming said that an amendment allowing out of state people to apply for Wisconsin permits would be likely to pass the legislature, but it would have to be introduced in the next session.

That depends on James Edming winning the election in the next two weeks.  He is popular.  He has shown himself to be disciplined, well organized, and tuned in to his constituents.  I would usually think he would be a shoo-in for re-election, but this is a crazy election cycle.

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Anonymous said...

Dean if you really support the second amendment and the constitution how about showing me where permitting a constitutional right is located. I can't find the word permit anywhere. what I do find is limits on government even to the point that one state can not charge a person from another for crossing into that state. according to article four section two an American citizen can go anywhere in this country and their rights go with them, that includes the second amendment right. The constitution did not give the citizens any rights we had them all before the constitution existed. therefore the government has absolutely no authority to try to permit anything. the bill of rights tell that government what it can not do. and it specifically states our second amendment right SHALL NO BE INFRINGED. every body has their GOD given rights even if the government does not exist. if government can not do it nobody else can. the constitution is very clear in easy to read plain English. the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and means by every body.

Anonymous said...

If the constitution was written to please everybody, I wonder how it would have been received If I had shot my way out of the induction center when I was drafted, getting drafted did not please me. the constitution was written to control the power of government not to allow government to control the people. the constitution makes it perfectly clear the people can pull down and completely replace the government. if government could replace the people who would they govern? Nobody has to get government permission to exercise their rights anywhere in this country. the only legal tax you are required to pay is if you go from one state to another state you pay that states sales tax. Out of state hunting licenses are illegal. several states have stopped selling hunting and fishing licenses. a federal court recently ruled that living off the land is a right. taxes, permits and special fees are what grow government authority. fines for violating unconstitutional regulations is unconstitutional. It is time to put government in its place and out of our personal lives.