Saturday, October 22, 2016

KS: This Woman is a Nightmare for Gun Haters

Ashley Mundy is the gun haters worse nightmare.  She is a woman whose father encouraged her to obtain a concealed carry license.  She used her personal defensive handgun to defend herself and her child.  She shot a neighbor high on meth who had broken into her house and was disabling her security system.  He had a machete.

Any woman who sees this news interview is likely to identify with this single mother who felt compelled to defend her child.  You can see the emotional connection being made with the interviewer.  You can feel the sincerity and intensity of Ashley's experience and communication. From
TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)--- Ashley Mundy says the night of Oct. 08, 2015 started out like any other night. She says she fell asleep in her bed with her then four-year-old son Braedyn, but later, woke up to the sound of glass breaking. Mundy says she got up, grabbed her 9 millimeter handgun and found her neighbor, Bruce Jolly, disarming her security system. That's when she decided to shoot.
"I was there alone with my child; My dad encouraged me to get a conceal and carry, and I just felt that was the thing to do at that moment,” said Mundy.
Link to video   (The pistol appears to be a SigSauer P290)

The emotional message of Ashley being encouraged to have a gun by her father is a powerful one that crosses cultural lines.  I recall an intense conversation I had with a Muslim woman on her way back to Bangladesh.  She was smart and well educated, with a PhD.  As we traded life experiences, I asked about firearms in Bangladesh.  She said that they had them but they were illegal because no one trusted the police.  Her father had taught her how to shoot an illegal revolver.

These emotional and sincere connections are a tremendous threat to the false narrative that gun haters have worked to create.  Ashley is a woman and mother who protected herself and her child from a drug addled neighbor with a machete.  Her father encouraged her to protect herself. Her community supported her after the fact and applauded her decision and effectiveness.

Ashley closes the deal with the last comments she makes in the interview:
Mundy says she has learned a lot from her encounter with Jolly and hopes others do too.

"You don't have to have a conceal and carry to have a gun in your home, and why wouldn't you want to protect yourself? Why wouldn't you want the same weapons or defense like the people that could be coming to your home in these situations?” said Mundy.
There are many women who have not thought much about armed self defense. This video will connect with them at a deep, emotional, level.

Help them find a chance to see it.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with the use of the combat stance and the finger pointing. If you can not learn to use a gun one handed with your finger on the trigger you really are not handling the gun. moving the finger to the trigger takes reaction time. the time that could make the difference. coming to a two handed grip takes reaction time. I could get at least two shots off accurately in that reaction time difference. Using Glen Ford's technique I may get three shots off. Automatics usually have a much longer trigger pull than a single action six shooter revolver. I have both and always draw with my finger on the trigger and one handed. If you own a gun just to have one the combat stance might be good. in reality you would be dead if you come up against person that knows how to handle a gun.

Dean Weingarten said...

Very few defensive situations require a speed draw.

Anonymous said...

It is those times when it does matter that are important.

JoeThePimpernel said...

Fact: Of the 2,500,000 times citizens use guns to defend themselves, 92% merely brandish their
gun or fire a warning shot to scare off their attackers., page 35.

Most people are not going to become Wyatt Earp.

Nor do they need to become Wyatt Earp.

kfd211 said...

My son was a Green Beret. He ALWAYS shoots with a 2 handed draw and fire. The term muscle memory comes up often when we go shooting. If you're carrying one in the chamber and quick drawing with your finger on the trigger, I can only assume you have good medical insurance and your wife or significant other has a lot of life insurance on you.. Also you are pretty much incorrect about trigger pulls. A single action revolver requires you to "cock" the hammer. If you have ever fired an "automatic" pistol you would know that you only need pull the trigger once to empty the magazine. Based on the inaccuracies of your terminology and the comment in general, Me thinks you have good reason to be "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

I have never had a semi automatic that pulling the trigger once would empty the magazine. when you draw a single action revolver you draw with your thumb on the hammer, cocking the weapon on the way up after it leaves the holster. Much faster than reaching over to rack the slide or removing the safety. My custom target semi automatic cost almost 1800$ and I still prefer the single six.