Thursday, October 27, 2016

TX: No Incidents at UTEP wih two months of Campus Carry

One of the problems with excessive hyperbole in propaganda is when people experience the reality of what was hyped. They realize someone lied to them. A level of credibility has been lost.  This has happened over and over again, with a repetition that has become boring, as the right to bear arms in self defense is being restored and ... nothing happens. It happened at the University of Texas in El Paso. From
Claster contacted the University to find out if anything has happened regarding Campus Carry, or if there have even been any calls to campus police since August 1. UTEP officials sent her a statement reading, "There have not been any reported gun-related incidents, or calls since SB11 went into effect."

"I guess I feel safer,” Gallegos said. “Because we have heard about other colleges having incidents. You never know what the case might be, so it would be nice if people on campus that are carrying guns also know how to use them."

"I feel less safe because I'm not 21 yet, so I can't have a gun yet. So I feel less safe,” Salado said.
Both Gallegos and Salado are young women. Before you write off MS Salado as having bought into the propaganda, read her next statement.
"Are you going to buy one once you turn 21?" Claster asked Salado.

"Definitely,” Salado answered. “If they have one, why shouldn't I have one?"
The idea that young people are lost to the gun culture is as false a narrative as claiming that allowing people with concealed carry permits on campus makes the campus less safe.  It is not true. From
Young people are, in fact, the most pro-gun generation in America. For many pundits who see millennials as hippie liberals, this is surprising. Two-thirds of young people have considered owning a gun in the future. Millennials are the least likely generation to support gun bans, with 70 percent of young Americans saying they believe civilians should have the right to own assault weapons, compared with just 51 percent of Americans overall. The millennials consensus is that gun control restricts law-abiding citizens without reducing violence.
It isn't surprising that young people are more receptive to an armed population. They have been raised in an era with many data sources, not just three TV channels.

If they want more data, they look it up on their phones.  TTAG does a great service.

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