Thursday, February 23, 2017

20+ years of FBI data – “Assault Rifles” pose little threat to public safety

Since 1995 (the year after the 1994-2004 Assault Weapons Ban), the FBI has maintained a very detailed list of how many people have died at the hands of assault weapons and/or rifles, which are merged into the same group. Therefore, we can make a solid comparison on what gun violence looks like.

In 2014, you are 67% less likely to be murdered by an assault weapon or rifle than you were in 1995.

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Anonymous said...

There is no constitutional authority to define a weapon as an assault rifle any weapon you use as a weapon is to prevent an assault. defend your self with a screw driver and it becomes an anti assault weapon and no longer a tool. Only the attacker or the person assaulting you is using an assault weapon. If you are not assaulting any one then you do not have an assault weapon, you have a weapon for self defense. according to the supreme court ruling a bar of soap in a sock can be a self defense weapon or even a weapon that has a 1000 round magazine when used to stop an assault. the weapon any person carries is their own personal choice, carry what you choose to afford. as far as I know we in this country still have freedom of choice. You can choose to be a criminal and pay the price or you can be an upstanding citizens and defend your rights any why you are required to by the circumstance you find your self in. as far as I am concerned a hand grenade is appropriate for crowd control. it worked well in Vietnam and was an appropriate weapon for a 19 year old to carry.