Friday, February 24, 2017

Josh Waldron, CEO of SilencerCo on the Suppressor Export Act

Suppressors are currently under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). That means suppressors may not be sold to individuals overseas, only to approved governments. Suppressors are not extraordinary high technology. Sophisticated suppressors are not secrets. They can be produced by any concern with modern machinery.

The current restrictions were put in place by a memorandum from the Department of State in 2002, a few months after the attack on 9/11.  While U.S. manufacturers are forbidden to sell to individuals overseas, foreign manufacturers are not.  A bill was introduced in the House of representatives in 2016 to rectify this situation.  It is called the Suppressor Export Act.

Josh Waldron of SilencerCo explained some of the details of the current situation.

Do you think the Suppressor Export Act will go through in the first year?

"The interesting thing about the Suppressor  Export  Act is that we have the ability to change that in several ways.  I was appointed to President Trump's Second Amendment Coalition.  Once the new administration is settled,  If I can use my relationships to convince the State Department to get rid of the policy memo that forbid the export of suppressors, we do not need legislation.

There never was a regulation change, there never was a comment period, there was never legislation, that made it that we could not export suppressors. There was a guy who sent out a memo saying "we are no longer going to approve of the export of suppressors."

We are working it from all angles. Moving into Commerce takes it out of DDTC. That would be extremely helpful.   There is a three pronged approach, legislation, export reform, a relationship to convince the administration to tear up the memo."

One man in the Department of State stopped all commercial exports of suppressors with one memo.

The memo explains why I did not notice any American "sound moderators" in a recent article about .22 sound moderators in an English shooting publication.

President Trump has often talked about unfair trade deals. This sounds like a self imposed trade limit that could be reversed rather easily.  It appears to be a problem that could be solved by another memo from the State Department.

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Anonymous said...

Obama stuffed the government with many of his idiots. President Trump has some 4,000 jobs to fill and a lot more to get the government cleaned out of the types that write memos. He has made a good start now all he has to do is keep the fires burning. In my opinion Obama did everything he could to destroy this country including our economy. I'm hoping President trump will dust off some of the old laws and take a real good look at the sedition act. Just look at the number of top secret leaks that have come out and I'll bet they are all with Obama. there was a report that someone claims that they could destroy Trump with what they had in place, the shadow government of Obama. Trump need a meat axe to go through some of those departments and start rolling heads. I'm hoping a lot of his appointees will do a lot of the cleaning out. Attempting to sabotage our government from within is sedition. I really would not mind seeing Obama and his cronies decorating trees.

Anonymous said...

Throw in Boehner, McCain, Cummings and a few other to round out the forest.