Saturday, February 11, 2017

OR: Gun Beats Slingshot

The resident told authorities that he then felt something strike him in the leg.

The resident thought he had been shot by a gun, so he returned fire at Wilson, Carver said. Sheriff’s deputies later determined Wilson had used a slingshot to hit the resident in the leg with a rock. The home also was hit with rocks and damaged, Carver said.
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Anonymous said...

I have a sling shot that is commercially designed to shoot arrows. or 30 caliber lead balls. sling shots are deadly weapons. many people actually hunt with sling shots. The lesson here is never bring a sling shot to a gun fight. a lead ball fired from a sling shot could easily penetrate the skull. an arrow with a coring type tip could easily cause a person to bleed to death in a hurry. AND neither lead ball or arrow require a silencer. Not allowing certain people the ability to carry any weapon the can afford for self protection is unconstitutional because there are far too many weapons that are not controlled for any number of reasons. Any thing you can throw like a knife does not need to be sharp, in fact a thrown object that is not sharp will penetrate better than a sharp object. a sharp object will create drag on entry and exist. this is the primary reason why the military forbids sharpening a bayonet. If you run out of ammo and have to use the bayonet it is designed to go in and back out with out having to blast it out of the victim because of the drag a sharp edge would create, with a bullet you don't have.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone is built like Dwayne Johnson or like I used to be. it makes no difference who you are you have the right of self defense. You will not find too many people wearing a sign claiming to be an ex con. criminals will not take the time to ask if they want to rob you, gender has nothing to do with this issue. criminals will always be able to find a weapon they can kill you with if that is what they have in mind. If you are not confined in jail or prison and are on the street you need to be able to defend your self any time any where. criminals will not register a rock, a brick a knife or a club or an ice pick. so why should law abiding citizens be required to. Courts and cops create more criminals than they rehabilitate because of bad laws they enforce.