Tuesday, February 14, 2017

MS: Domestic Defense, Woman Shoots Ex

Police said a man was shot Sunday after he allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend's home.
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Jeff said...

He is shot, in the hospital, and facing charges. She isn't.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I do not see that she did anything wrong. What worries me is I taught all of my ex wives to shoot very well and when there is only one side to the story, any story fits. If he willingly and knowingly violated a legal restraining order he got what he deserved. If he survives and tells his side of the story the tables may be turned. all three of my ex wives were professional liars, but me being a document nut, when we got into court I shot down their lies with documented proof and I won. women like to use the poor innocent me card. all men need to learn how to document even their child visitations and issues that come up during their relationship. My last ex filed for child support that was never ordered. after I proved she had stolen my credit card and emptied the bank account. the court decided to reduce the child support she would have receive by two thirds. No previous child support was ordered and the one third ordered did not start until the month after the hearing. her attorney could not believe she lost. after the hearing I told her attorney ,any time you talk to her watch her lips, she said why I said if her lips are moving she is lying. I proved a whole string of lies with documentation. after that she had zero credibility with the court. and eventually I won total custody , no visitation to the mother for cause. I was representing myself. I beat that attorney in court three consecutive times and she took the case expecting to collect her fees from me. that attorney closed her practice and went to work for the DA. she fired her client. I fired incompetent attorneys and represented myself. I won total custody of my second daughter in Arizona and my third daughter in California. a charge of criminal parental interference and kidnapping still hangs over the head of my first wife. she left the country against court orders and there is no statue of limitations on those two counts. she is illegally back in this country now. because I know immigration law I can prove it.