Friday, February 10, 2017

SD: Bill to allow Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Holder to Carry in Capitol Passes House

The South Dakota House has passed a bill to allow people who have a South Dakota enhanced Concealed carry permit to carry in the Capitol building.  To do so will require registering with the Capitol security 24 hour previously.  The permit would then be effective for carrying in the capitol for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, the person will have to register again. From
On a 46-20 vote, legislators approved House Bill 1156, which would let law enforcement officers and enhanced concealed pistol permit holders to legally possess a firearm in the Capitol building.

The state Supreme Court chambers would be excluded and anyone who wanted to carry would need to register with Capitol security 24 hours beforehand.
Here is the actual wording of the law, in the relevant sections. Notice that no fee may be charged for the registration at the Capitol. From HB 1156 :

            (4)    The possession of a concealed pistol in the state capitol, other than in the chambers of the Supreme Court, by a person who was issued an enhanced permit pursuant to § 23-7-53 and who has registered, at least twenty-four hours in advance, with capitol security. The registration is valid for the length of time indicated by the permit holder, not to exceed thirty days, at which time the permit holder may submit a new registration. No fee may be charged for registering to carry;
            (5)    The possession of a concealed pistol in the state capitol by a qualified law enforcement officer or qualified retired law enforcement officer pursuant to the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, 18 U.S.C. § 926B and § 926C; or

The effect of the registration is that anybody who has a little forethought and knowledge of the law, and who has an enhanced carry permit, will be able to carry in the Capitol.  It is not clear if the registration with Capitol security has to be done in person at the capitol.  It prevents the ordinary tourist who has not thought ahead, from carrying in the Capitol.

Many will say that this is not "Constitutional" carry, so it only allows a small group to carry.  That is not exactly true, as the barriers to carry in the Capitol can easily be overcome.

The big advantage of this bill is that it helps cement the cultural normalization of carrying weapons for self defense.  

When the elected representatives of the people want to carry themselves, and are reasonably inclusive about it, it shows a serious change in attitude and cultural norms. It reinforces the idea expressed in the South Dakota Seal.

Under God The People Rule
Watch this space to see how the bill progresses.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is that the barriers exist at all. Barrier , infringement , infringement , barrier, constitution, Shall Not Be Infringed. check it out most judges have a gun in the bench somewhere. what happens if an Islamist bailiff freaks out, like the officer at fort hood. we have the right of self defense any where we happen to be. a judges life is no more important than any one else's life. If you want to hold an office any office that is the chance you take. any where you are under any circumstance you may find your self in. God gave us the right of self defense not the constitution. the constitution is there forcing the government to guarantee that God given right.